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Soil Sensor Technology

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More Efficiency in Crop Production

For optimal harvest results, farmers and contractors can combine their ISOBUS sowing technology with a soil sensor. Soil sensors are the key to optimal harvest results. Knowing the nutrient content in the soil and the different soil conditions enables an adapted sowing rate - the seed drill varies the sowing rate and rate according to the respective values. The cumbersome use of application cards can thus be completely dispensed with.

The use of sensors is also an important aid to mapping in soil analysis. With the help of the measurement, values ​​such as pH, humus content or organic carbon, total nitrogen, Nmin (mineral nitrogen supply in the soil), phosphate content, clay content, loam content and the texture in the soil can be recorded.

From Cultivation to Sowing

NIRS sensors are not only vital for greater efficiency during sowing. Precise soil analysis is also very important for soil cultivation. We are developing NIRS sensors capable of detecting soil compaction, which can be remedied with subsequent soil cultivation. Hence, evaporation can be reduced, compaction solved, and the soil structure improved. And, of course, the farmer or contractor not only saves time, but also reduces fuel costs - this is how sustainability works.

Your advantages at one glance:

  • Maximum harvest results thanks to adjusted sowing rates
  • No complicated use of application cards necessary
  • Increased efficiency
  • Adapted soil cultivation
  • Reduced fuel costs

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