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Gas sensors for combined air humidity and gas measurement

Do you need your air or gas humidity sensors to react faster than capacitive sensors? Do you need more precise measurements at high or low humidity? m-u-t has a bespoke solution: NDIR air humidity measuring devices combined with gas sensors. With this purely optical method, you can measure absolute humidity over a wide range.

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High flexibility

Measuring range and measuring speed an be easily adapted to meet your requirements. The pressure and temperature sensors allow measurements to be outputted in different units.

E.g. as:

  • Absolute moisture or vapour density (g/Nm³)
  • Mix ratio (g/kg)
  • Vapour pressure (Pa or bar)
  • Dew point temperature (°C or K)
No chemical reactions

Absolute precision: the sensor measures the absorption of light in the sample chamber, thereby avoiding the disrupting chemical reactions that can occur with capacitive sensors.

Our gas sensors can be tailored to your specific applications.

Benefits include:

  • Virtually hysteresis- and drift-free measurement
  • High measuring rates achievable
  • Robust, durable technology
  • Resistant to solvents (alcohols)
  • Parallel gas measurement available (NDIR-active gases)
  • Long-term stable measurements
  • Extensive reduction of cross-sensitivities
  • Long-life, maintenance-free measuring cell with no moving parts

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