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Nynomic cloud

If you need a cloud solution with high data availability and data security for your measuring systems, m-u-t has the answer. Based on the Nynomic cloud, you will get a bespoke platform for your smart Industry 4.0 applications. Whether sensor data from your field devices for AI-based preventive maintenance models, or whether you want to detect counterfeit products based on spectrometer data, the Nynomic cloud can be used flexibly and meets the highest security requirements. 

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Benefits include:

  • Updates and maintenance of devices via remote access
  • Management and evaluation of all data
  • Preventive, self-learning maintenance models based on data from a large pool of devices
  • Real-time data available everywhere
  • Web servers, mobile phone apps and other applications can be individually developed by us

Benefit from smart processes with the Nynomic cloud.

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