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IGNIS3D infrared detection for early fire detection

If you need accurate infrared measurement technology for early fire detection, m-u-t's patented Ignis3D infrared detection with distance measurement is the answer. It enables embers to be accurately detected and dealt with using the latest 3D spatial data.

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How does Ignis3D outperform
competing systems?

Conventional systems record the area once at the time of installation. The disadvantage with this is that if, for example, the fill heights of a room change, the system may not be able to locate the source of a fire.

Ignis3D scans the environment automatically and continuously, so the 3D coordinates are never more than two minutes old. In the event of an alarm, this is a considerable advantage, as the data enables accurate extinguishing. Ignis3D is the only system on the market that can do this.

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What is the distance used for?

Temperature measurement

The VdS loss prevention council stipulates accuracy of 5K for temperature measurement. Only Ignis3D meets this standard every time – even in dusty environments and at variable distances. Under these circumstances, conventional solutions can cause deviations of more than 25K.


The system applies coolant to the same surface from any distance, and the projectile trajectory is always accurate thanks to precise calculation. The number of Ignis3D detectors doesn't have to be the same as the number of sprinklers, and their mounting locations can be different too.

Ignis3D can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

The advantages of distance measurement at a glance

  • Precise temperature measurement even in dusty environments
  • Accurate detection of embers
  • Calculation of projectile trajectory
  • Standard size for efficient cooling
  • Flexible installation and optimal adaptation to spatial conditions

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