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Early fire detection with infrared detection - fire prevention

IGNIS3D early fire detection combines video surveillance, temperature measurement, alarm and extinguishing in a single application.

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IGNIS3D early fire detection

IGNIS3D early fire detection checks the monitored area automatically and continuously, monitoring set temperature limits and temperature trends. IGNIS3D early fire detection detects potential hazards up to 1 Kelvin (K) exactly and initiates custom actions: e.g. sends message to central fire alarm system, pre-alignment with fire monitor, starts extinguishing.

IGNIS3D early fire detection is modular and durably designed to be able to adapt to the respective customer requirements. IGNIS3D early fire detection is optimised for use in a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Whether for use in open spaces, half-open storage facilities or for closed indoor applications - IGNIS3D early fire detection is prepared. With over 20 years of experience, m-u-t solidly guarantees the design, delivery and service for your safety. The goal of fire prevention is integrated into your fire protection concept. m-u-t uses long-wave infrared radiation (LWIR) for temperature monitoring as a technological basis.

IGNIS3D early fire detection seamlessly monitors surfaces with infrared detection and warns you before other commercially available systems can.

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