Network protocols

If you need special network protocols implemented for your railway technology control systems, m-u-t can provide you with railway-compliant hardware with protocol translators. So you benefit from smooth communication in trains via ethernet, CAN or other interfaces. For this purpose, we provide rail-compliant hardware with protocol translators.

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We offer the following implemented protocols:

  • IPTCom (Bombardier IPTCom)
  • Simple IPTCom (PD data only)
  • TComm (Siemens protocol)
  • TRDP (based on TCNopen)
  • Hitachi TRDP (based on TCNopen)
  • Expert 2 (Siemens protocol)
  • UDP
  • CANopen
  • SCN Smart Cabin Network
  • Others protocols available on request

Allow us to implement your network protocols with precision.

For further questions or information, please call us at any time or send us an email.

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