Tank level indicator

If you need a flexible tank level indicator for rail vehicles, m-u-t's TLI – a technology platform for sand tanks, wiping water tanks, fresh water tanks, waste water tanks and fuel tanks – is ideal. The display can also be used as a battery charge indicator.

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TLI platform benefits

With its input voltage of 24 V/DC and robust stainless steel construction, it's suitable for a variety of common applications, even on vehicle exteriors. Standard threshold switches can be connected, as can resistance transmitters (0-5 V) and sensors with current signal (4-20 mA). Compliant with DIN EN 50155 and numerous other standards, it meets the requirements for electronic equipment on rail vehicles.

The following functions are factory-programmable

  • Labelling and function of the 17 LEDs 
  • Time constants for signal smoothing in the event of tank content surge 

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