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Grain Analysis

Even after the harvest, NIRS technology is crucial for the successful marketing and use of grain.

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NIRS technology

Test evaluations made easy:

Whether it is a fertilization or variety trial - NIRS sensors support users worldwide in evaluating their results in an absolutely targeted manner.

Tailor-made storage: 

The analysis during storage simplifies customized sorting, reduces the risk of incorrect storage, and prevents grain adulteration. At the same time, the use of NIRS technology reduces waiting times during delivery.

Easier trading:

The use of NIRS sensors is also ideal for grain trading - because it ensures standardized quality control across all locations.

More time for important things: 

Conventional grain analysis is time-consuming. First, the grain must be ground or crushed. With NIRS sensors, users can save a lot of time - because measurement is performed in real time.

Your advantages at one glance:

  • Successful marketing
  • Simple evaluations
  • Adjusted storage
  • Considerable time saving

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