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Spectroscopy for the pharmaceutical industry

If you need precise technology for tablet measurement, our NIR spectrometers are the perfect basis for measurement and analysis output in the pharmaceutical sector.

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Checking formulations

Is the formulation correct? Are the basic components mixed properly? These questions arise in pharmaceutical manufacturing as much as in pharmacies themselves. Based on our technology, the parameters can be monitored efficiently.

Detecting counterfeit medicines

Counterfeit medicines not only infringe the rights of pharmaceutical manufacturers; they also endanger the health of patients, especially if active ingredients are incorrect or missing. Using the compact, smart and mobile handheld devices developed by our sister company Spectral Engines and the Nynomic cloud, we can develop a bespoke system for the effective detection of counterfeit products.

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Ask us customise our spectroscopic solutions to your specific requirements.

Quality control for individual tablet blisters

Tablets in blisters are intended to simplify the administration and intake of medication, but quality-controlling them is complex and error-prone. Using our NIR spectrometers, you can solve this problem. The combination of optical image recognition and quality control based on our NIR spectrometers helps reduce errors to a minimum.  

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