Touchless operation

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The WTL button series is used to trigger a switching function with the touch of a finger or with a non-contact gesture with the hand (e.g. "wave motion") directly in front of the button surface.

Examples of use:

  • Opening/closing/locking a door
  • Toilet flush/hand dryer/ hand washing water

Other examples of use, e.g. in the public sector:

  • Trigger elevator call
  • Contactless triggering
  • Additional pressure release
  • Optional Braille writing
  • Tactile symbols
  • Freely designable front foil
  • 40mm actuation area
  • Optional green/red LED

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Fully customisable

Our buttons are available in a wide range of options. You can choose from a variety of different symbol foils from our warehouse. Multiple displays and acoustic feedback signals can be configured with ease.

By the way: For a harmonious look, the design of the WA46 series is matched to the buttons of the WTL series.
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