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Early fire detection with patented 3D IR detection for optimal cooling / "extinguishing"

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Patented 3D IR detection

The basic module of the IGNIS infrared detection for early fire detection identified a danger. The globally unique 3D module extension for early fire detection determines the precise location information and the individual danger of the glowing nest. This information will be forwarded to a particular deletion server. The danger points are sorted according to the degree of danger and dealt with separately. The extinguishing server is for the simultaneous control of different extinguishing monitors. The number of IGNIS3D infrared detection systems and water cannons is independently from each other. The installation position of the systems can now be freely selected: Your fire protection concept will be ideal.

Extinguishing measures can also be carried out by other detectors or the operating personnel. They are treated in such a way that they cannot be experienced by the IGNIS3D or are explicitly excluded from fully automatic viewing.

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Worldwide visibility and patented
- 3D measuring detection

  • Adaptation to changing storage heights and filling heights
  • Danger position - the greatest danger is always cooled first
  • The position of the extinguishing window is automatically set depending on the distance: optimal cooling through external coolant application
  • Trajectory parabola calculation - no test required
  • A danger can be approached simultaneously by all available water cannons
  • Automatic assignment of water cannons to the hazard
  • Most precise temperature measurement even with heavy dust exposure

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