Showing the way forward

The Nynomic Group

With m-u-t you not only have a strong partner at your side, but also the backing of a large group. As a subsidiary, we belong to the global Nynomic Group, which offers bespoke innovations in photonic measurement technology. For our customers this means greater safety and enhanced performance.

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Complete solutions for the global market

Nynomic has long been recognised as an end-to-end supplier. From components to solutions, it serves the global market with the help of independent brands and subsidiaries. It includes the companies APOS, Avantes, Image Engineering, LayTec, LemnaTec, Sensortherm, Spectral Engines, tec5, MGG, NLIR, Photecture, art photonics and m-u-t and their respective subsidiaries.

You too can benefit from the security and innovative strength of Nynomic.


What is Nynomic's success based on? 

  • Intelligent sensor technology combined with automation
  • Smart technologies for data acquisition, processing and evaluation
  • Products and services that can be easily adapted to customer processes and significantly increase their efficiency

Focus on three fast-growing markets

Whether miniaturisation, digitalisation or automation, Nynomic leverages technological change. Based on this philosophy, it's expanding in three high-growth markets:

  • Life Sciences with a focus on medical technology 
  • Green Tech with applications in the fields of agricultural and environmental technology
  • Clean Tech with a wide range of applications in the entire industrial sector

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