Air humidity and gas measuring module

For the measurement of the absolute humidity m-u-t develops and manufactures NDIR air humidity measuring devices - exactly suitable for your requirements.

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Your added value when using our technology:

  • high level of safety in use, even at remote measuring points, thanks to the long-lasting technology
  • low spare part costs as there are no moving parts
  • no maintenance and associated maintenance costs
  • reduced service costs

Integrated pressure and temperature sensors enable the output of the measurement results in many common units:

  • as absolute humidity or vapor density (g / Nm³)
  • as a mixing ratio (g / kg)
  • as vapor pressure (Pa or bar)
  • as dew point temperature (° C or K)
  • or another unit of humidity suitable for the application

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Further advantages through
the purely optical process:

  • higher measurement sensitivity, especially in the end ranges> 90% humidity and less than 10% humidity compared to capacitive sensors
  • there are no chemical reactions like with capacitive sensors
  • measurement almost free of hysteresis and drift
  • high measuring rates possible
  • robust long-lasting technology
  • resistant to solvents (alcohols) thanks to the optical measuring method
  • parallel gas measurement possible (NDIR active gases)
  • long-term stable measurements
  • reduction of cross-sensitivities as far as possible

Measuring range and measuring speed can be adjusted according to your requirements.

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