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Liquid Manure Application
- Accurate & Sustainable

In contrast to mineral fertilizers, farm fertilizers offer many advantages. Using them is more sustainable because all nutrients contained are part of the nutrient cycle anyway.

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But there is also a decisive disadvantage: 

The ingredients in organic fertilizers are highly variable. This is a problem for a balanced and specific fertilization according to need. The concentration of nutrients in liquid and solid manure varies considerably between different animal species, husbandry systems and feeding methods. Separation, deposition and mixing also lead to nutrient variances. Also sewage sludge and compost are subject to these fluctuations.

Need-based Fertilization with NIRS

The solution? Our NIRS technology supports farmers and contractors around the world in applying fertilizers with pinpoint accuracy - in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Thanks to real-time measurement, users can immediately decide during application how much fertilizer to use. This guarantees uncompromising accuracy in combination with reduced costs and optimized yield levels. The results are always highly accurate, regardless of whether the sensor is mounted directly on the application vehicle, on the feeder, in the slurry tank or in the separation system.

Therefore, our NIRS technology is essential for successful crop production. We are also aware that convenient application is not everything. m-u-t NIRS technology thus ensures full compliance with legal requirements for field and subfield-specific application and documentation - an essential component for successful agricultural operations. 

Not only for use in liquid manure, our m-u-t NIRS sensor is also perfectly qualified for use in sewage sludge, compost and solid manure. LIBS (Plasma Spectroscopy) technology has been developed especially for use in sewage sludge. With this technology, elemental components can be identified with high precision. This way, valuable substances contained in sewage sludge, such as phosphorus, can be made usable again for the recycling economy and contaminants can be safely extracted.

Highest Product Quality for comfortable Use

Our m-u-t NIR speedspy onboard manure system was designed not only for more comfortable but also more intelligent manure spreading. The system can reliably detect ingredients such as nitrogen (N), ammonium nitrogen (NH4-N), potassium (K), phosphorus (P) and dry matter (TS) - for inimitable precision in fertilization. The DLG recognition "Precision of NIR sensors for the determination of constituents in passing farm manure of animal origin and liquid fermentation residues", awarded at Agritechnica 2017, once again emphasizes our product quality. As an OEM manufacturer, we are currently equipping manure technology manufacturers in Europe and the USA with intelligent optical measurement systems - highest production standards ensure that we always achieve the best for our customers.

Your advantages at one glance:

  • Based on our calibration database, your data is especially precise
  • Inhomogeneous liquid manure causes any problems for the measurement
  • Real-time data - no more annoying waiting for laboratory results
  • Sensors can be mounted anywhere where farm manure flows past - completely flexible

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