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The new combined re- and decapper

You are looking for a combined module for a safe recapping and decapping of a wide spectrum of different tubes or vials? We at m-u-t have developed the right solution.

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Our new combined recapper and decapper is the right basis for your development project. Why?


It is suitable for a wide range of tubes and vials with different sizes (diameter 10-45 mm/ length 50-110 mm). The tube size is recognized automatically without a database or teaching processes in the background.


It needs very little space and can be integrated into most of the merket available automated pipetting platforms. The footprint of our combined decapper and recapper is barely larger than 20cm x 20cm.



Our unique and patented, self-fixating grippers can hold the tube with a high torque of upto 5 Nm. That#will be enough for almost every sticky cap.

The structure:

The grippers consist of our patented, self-fixating gripper fingers. Easy to remove and easy to clean. The cap swivels to the side and your pipetting device has a clear way. After pipetting, the sample container can be recapped with the original cap. Almost all mechanical modules are placed in a way that avoids the risk of cross-contamination. They are made to be reliable and robust for many years. We will also include a removable and cleanable drip tray. Everything is easy to clean and easy to maintain.


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This is just one example of our portfolio.

Is your application different?

Are you looking for a high-speed recapper for a defined tube type?
Do you want to decap or recap tubes or vials with completely different dimensions?
Are you looking for a sorter, an archive system or any other module for preanalytic or postanalytic?

m-u-t will be happy to support you. Our solutions are proven many laboratories worldwide and can also be adapted to your product.

For further questions or information, please call us at any time or send us an email.

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