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Acting sustainably is important to us!

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We also aim to integrate our suppliers into our sustainability criteria.

For the Nynomic Group, compliance with binding standards regarding human rights, working conditions, environmental aspects and good corporate governance is an essential basis for our business relationships. Accordingly, we expect our suppliers to comply with applicable laws and to follow internationally recognized environmental, social and corporate governance standards.

In dealing with their employees, we request that our suppliers adhere to social standards, such as recognition of human rights, compliance with national legal health and safety regulations, strict prohibition of child and forced labor and a clear commitment to non-discrimination. Furthermore, we expect our suppliers to observe all applicable laws and regulations on environmental protection and to act in an ecologically responsible and resource-efficient manner within their business activities. We do not tolerate corruption and bribery and expect from our business partners responsible and ethical business conduct in compliance with antitrust and competition laws as well as trade and capital market regulations.


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