IR Light Reflection Sensor

This sensor detects liquid at one point in a container or pipe for you.

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Diverse applications in rail vehicles

  • Upper filling level of liquids in containers (“tank full”)
  • Lower filling level of liquids in containers ("tank empty")
  • Functional monitoring of toilet flushing or sprinkler systems (“water is running”)
  • Air bubble detection in liquids to avoid interference
  • Level limit monitoring e.g. for battery acid, coolant, cooling water, leakage sensor for all almost liquid operating materials in the train, lubricants/oils, flushing water, toilet overflow protection, cleaning water
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  • Railway suitability: EN50155, EN45545
  • Your project-specific adjustments: cable length, connector type, time delays for switching on and off, error detection and much more.

Take a look at the complete data sheet here.

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