Testing fuel with a gas tag analyser

If you need a portable measuring device to detect the presence of counterfeit or mixed fuels, m-u-t has developed an amazingly simple solution: the gas tag analyser (GTA).

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Complete system for mobile use

Compact in size and striking in performance, this mobile test equipment fits in the boot of any car. Yet it offers everything you need to measure very small amounts of chemical indicators in liquids. So you can easily identify and mark fuels that are stored or transported without a container. No more time-consuming lab analysis.

How the GTA works

Fuels contain very low concentrations of a liquid indicator, which due to its spectral signature is practically copy-proof. Our GTA system determines this indicator and measures its concentration in the liquid. It then indicates whether the fuel is original, mixed or counterfeit. You get accurate results that reflect even the slightest deviation from the original.

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The GTA at a glance 

  • Complete spectrometer system
  • Multiple laser sources
  • Interactive software
  • Up to four hours' battery life
  • Immediate display of test results
  • Mobile device: can be used on the road or at petrol stations
  • Reliable results – no chemical expertise required

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Can be used for
other products

If you want to use the GTA for another product, we can adapt it to any substance containing an indicator, such as spirits, pharmaceuticals, industrial or consumer goods or agricultural chemicals.

Talk to us about your requirements and we'll create a bespoke solution for you.

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