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Object detection

Intelligent object detection that avoids false alarms? m-u-t's IGNIS3D detects fire hazards earlier and more accurately than any other infrared system available. Around 25 years of experience have gone into this innovative product.

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Benefit from its enhanced robustness, no-frills
hardware and software, and unique functionality.  

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What do ordinary systems do?

Whether exhaust, LED power supply or brake discs, objects can often get hot without necessarily becoming dangerous. False alarms can be triggered. Conventional object detection systems try to solve this problem by only triggering an alarm for objects above a certain size. The triggering object must therefore be much larger, which means that the alarm is triggered much too late.

The consequences can be severe, from interruption of business and property loss to reputational damage and claims for compensation.

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How does IGNIS3D differ from competitors?

The IGNIS3D system detects small sources of danger even if there are larger but non-hazardous hot objects in the vicinity. As a result, it detects hot spots faster and prevents the spread of fire more efficiently.

How IGNIS3D works

  • Moving objects are filtered out and don't trigger an alarm
  • Dormant permitted objects are specified in a database as geometric objects and don't trigger an alarm
  • Includes a standard database that can be enhanced as required

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Modular expansion

No matter what your requirements and budget, our modular infrared detection system can expand with your company. Discover how simple effective property protection can be. Ask us for advice on planning. 

We have been successfully using IGNIS3D for more than twenty years. The system can be tailored to your specific requirements. 

IGNIS3D at a glance:

  • Surveillance of large areas
  • Precise measurement of all surface temperatures
  • Critical conditions reported before danger arises
  • Emerging embers detected
  • Extinguishing monitor (water cannon): control with projection trajectory calculation
  • No false alarms due to moving hot objects
  • Unique vehicle detection for large, stationary hot objects
  • Panoramic thermography for quick, easy overview
  • VdS device approval

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