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Harvesting Technology

Harvesting is one of the most important and decisive times of the year for agricultural producers. 

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Arable farms aim for the best
prices for their products 

Arable farms aim for the best prices for their products and, with the subsequent soil cultivation and fertilization, lay the foundation for the following harvest. Processing farms use the harvest to create the fodder basis for a whole year. So, what if sensors would help to produce the optimal silage, provide the basis for successful price negotiations or ensure precise nutrient removal? With NIRS, this is already possible today. NIRS technology provides great advantages not only in liquid manure spreading, but also during harvesting.

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Good Technology made even better

As OEM manufacturer, our mission is to support our customers in making good technology even better. Today, technical developments offer unlimited possibilities. To enable farmers to use these opportunities in practical applications, we are constantly working with agricultural equipment producers to further develop our sensors and adapt them to the end devices, like combine harvesters and forage harvesters. Our NIRS sensor measures the nutrient content of the crop directly while driving. In combination with GPS location data, this results in particularly accurate field mapping - allowing subsequent cultivation planning to be even more site-specific.

After all, knowledge of nutrient removal is essential. Thanks to comprehensive crop analysis, farmers are equipped with the best tools to place their products on the market and sell them at top prices. Analysis is also very important for the food production process, to ensure adequate documentation. For contractors, the use of NIRS sensors is particularly useful for accounting reasons - because the simultaneous recording of yield and quality ensures convenient and conflict-free accounting.

More Animal Welfare and the Best Feeding

NIRS sensors are also an important component for perfect animal feeding. The harvest lays the foundation for a well-balanced ration. Forage harvesters or loader wagons, equipped with state-of-the-art NIRS technology, have a decisive advantage: The precise measurement of moisture content and nutrients significantly simplifies the production of high-quality silage. High-precision measurement is essential for the dosage of silage additives. The stationary use of NIRS sensors directly in the silo is an essential tool for calculating the daily ration of dairy cows - for optimum milk yield. Thus, typical fluctuations in the silage can be easily compensated.

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More Knowledge with every Bale

The use of NIRS technology is also extremely useful for silage or hay in the form of bales. The precise determination of nutrients already takes place in each bale during the pressing process. This way, even basic fodder in bale form can be specifically used. At the same time, the farmer obtains valuable information on nutrient removal. The subsequent fertilization can thus be carried out precisely and in accordance with all specifications.

Your advantages at one glance:
  • Analysis of nutrient content or nutrient removal directly at harvest
  • Specific cultivation planning and fertilization possible
  • Documentation for food production
  • Higher profits thanks to exact ingredient analysis
  • Precise traceability
  • Optimally balanced silages

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