Measuring Content in Liquids

Whether you need a simple sensor or a regulating module, we can provide you with optical spectroscopy that enables you to continuously record precise measurement data such as identifying features, optical density, content and colour.  

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Are you looking for a solution for fast, non-contact measurement in liquids? 

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Precise planning

What are the environmental conditions and regulations? Where and how do you want to send the data? Do you need integrated evaluation? By asking these and other questions, we aim to clarify the parameters of your project. So you can be sure that we take every detail into account at the planning stage.

Flexible solutions

Installed into fixed equipment? Built into a vehicle? Or portable as a handheld? We meet your specific needs so you can measure any liquid as required, from water, wine or milk to fuel, disinfectant and antifreeze.

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Endless possibilities

  • Quantitative analysis: measuring concentration of main and secondary ingredients and additives
  • Qualitative analysis: identification of variety and specification of material and substance
  • Colour measurements: capture of complete colour spectra of raw materials and intermediate and end products
  • Analysis at large measuring distances
  • Analysis requiring direct contact with material to be measured, e.g. in pipelines
  • Sample representations as required by gauge heads and probes
  • Immersion probes or flow cells for the analysis of liquids, pastes and other fluids
  • Numerous interfaces: e.g. Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, CAN Bus, OPC UA
  • Chemometric prediction models

With our solutions, you can ensure product quality, optimise production processes and comply with all relevant regulations.

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