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Bulk input module for total laboratory automation (TLA)

Do you need a module for the bulk input of blood sample tubes for laboratory automation?

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Take advantage of our innovative solution

You can reduce staff required in laboratories and accelerate process flows. For large IVD manufacturers, we have developed a bulk input module for TLA systems that performs the following:

  • Bulk separation of blood sample tubes
  • Scanning of tube parameters, e.g. tube geometry and barcode information
  • Positioning of tubes with barcode aligned on customer's track system

How does the module work? 

The tubes are fed as bulk material into a funnel-shaped input container and separated. The module then reads the barcode, measures the cap colour and tube geometry and places the tubes with the barcode aligned in a puck in the track system. At the same time, the module transfers the tube information to the system software!

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Have our bulk input module adapted to your specific needs.

Development and production under one roof

As your partner, m-u-t will not only work alongside you but deliver quickly. We have a profound understanding of your requirements and potential. We cover the entire spectrum of development and manufacture in-house:

  • Technical design
  • Creation of control system (electronics and software)
  • Comprehensive product documentation for customer's regulatory requirements (e.g. CE certification)
  • Serial manufacture of module at our premises

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