Rail-compliant product development

Are you looking for an OEM partner for rail-compliant product development and serial manufacture? For around 20 years, m-u-t's rail technology division has specialised in sensor and control technology and operating and display elements for rail vehicles.

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Over 100,000 products and systems every year

Our productivity is almost endless. Every year, our experienced teams develop and manufacture more than 100,000 products and systems in-house. The result: cutting-edge technology in accordance with current requirements (e.g. DIN EN 50155, DIN EN 50121 or DIN EN 50128).

A sample from our portfolio
  • Operating and display elements for train staff and passengers
  • Sensors e.g. for temperature, fill levels, proximity and light
  • Control units with various interfaces and software/network protocols
  • Control panels with wireless PCB technology

Our product development team works hand in hand with our manufacturing staff. From the point of view of manufacturing and cost, we develop and approve products in an optimised manner right from the word go. Everything is undertaken by us in-house to meet stringent quality criteria and deadlines.

Time and cost efficiency

Cost-effectively manufactured, to tight deadlines – this applies to all our solutions, from serially manufactured products in small quantities to customised OEM components. With our innovation management processes, you benefit from shorter development and manufacturing phases and lower investment costs.

Optimised lifecycles

Our products are built to last. You can count on their having a useful life of at least thirty years, especially thanks to our spare parts having long-term availability.

Flexibility for bespoke specifications

If you have unique requirements, our modular, adaptable products and combined hardware and software development mean we can react quickly to your requests. You can rely on a partnership with us that offers you considerable competitive advantage and investment security. In fact, the only area where we aren't flexible is our high quality standards.

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Simply arrange a bespoke service contract with us.

Full operational capability with our maintenance service

Whether through intensive use or challenging environmental conditions, electronically controlled and regulated systems in rail vehicles are subject to wear and tear. So what can be done to ensure that defective individual components don't jeopardise the use of entire trains? Our intelligent control systems collect key operating data and give you ample warning of any maintenance required.

The basis for this is the comprehensive acquisition of operating data with empirically determined parameters. In addition, controls can be checked and maintained conveniently and quickly at any time by means of integrated maintenance software and remote diagnostics (e.g. via a web server). Simply arrange a bespoke service contract with us and our specialist teams will provide regular maintenance, repairs and software updates.

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High-quality sensors for accurate measurements

Accurate measurements require a high-quality product range. m-u-t's product range, from level sensors to sensor switches to temperature sensors, meets this requirement. Also included are diffuse reflection light scanners that can be wirelessly parameterised via the integrated IR interface. All sensors are either configured for specific applications or can be used universally and are DIN EN 50155 compliant.

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For further questions or information, please call us at any time or send us an email.

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Areas of application

  • Drive systems
  • Exterior door control
  • Battery management systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Braking systems
  • Motion detection systems
  • Power supply/distribution systems
  • Interior door control
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Coupling systems
  • Wheelset monitoring
  • Sanding systems
  • Windscreen wiper systems
  • Control cabinet monitoring
  • WC cabin systems
  • WC operation systems
  • Train integrity control systems
  • Individual adaptation of form, interfaces and function
  • Seamless integration into vehicle manufacturer's/supplier's design
  • Compliance with rail standards including fire protection standard DIN EN 45545

Hard-wearing operating and display
elements for every requirement

Our proprietary buttons and display elements meet the applicable standards and specifications for interoperability (TSI) and persons with reduced mobility (PRM). Tried-and-tested functions ensure flawless operation under the harsh conditions of the railway environment – consistency of LED brightness, for example, even in the event of voltage fluctuations, and low-wear short-lift buttons.

To meet design, language and regulatory requirements, we can adapt components to your individual needs.

  • Integration of special functions (e.g. acknowledgement tone, flashing display, button feedback through vibration)
  • Foil-sealed against dust and liquid ingress
  • Colour design according to your specification
  • Integration of customised texts and symbols

Intelligent controls for
special requirements

For over 25 years, m-u-t has been developing intelligent controls adapted to specific customer requirements. Our combined automation and control system enables an almost unlimited variety of standardised solutions for different applications in rail vehicles. Simply tell us what you need and we'll do the rest.

Data sheet - Embedded Controller EC-S
Data sheet - Embedded Controller EC-L
Data sheet - Hardware Controlling Software

Have the products you need developed and produced in compliance with rail industry standards.

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  • Bespoke, cost-optimised development in accordance with your requirements
  • Flexible adaptation to automation tasks as required
  • Control system functionality designed for your system
  • Interfaces as required (digital or analogue)
  • Traceability via serial numbers
  • Optional software as per EN 50128
  • Optional operating systems (RTOS to Linux)
  • Optional PLC programming environment IEC EN 61131
  • Optional interfaces and protocols (CANopen, IPT/COM etc.)
  • High quality serial manufacture: 100% piece tests
  • Coordinated logistics management: high availability, on-time delivery