Pre-wired control panels

If you're looking for an efficient alternative to manually wired control panels, our many years' experience in panel building for train systems form the basis for our reliable and high-quality pre-wired panels.

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How they work

We use PCB (printed circuit board) technology in accordance with rail vehicle standards and guidelines. It replaces loose strands with printed circuit board technology for electronics. Even for medium quantities, this design is more efficient than conventional techniques.

Use our pre-wired control panels for your specific requirements.

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Benefits of pre-wired control panels
  • Savings in installation space and weight
  • No mismatched or missing wires
  • No costs for troubleshooting, inspections or reworking
  • Integrated passive components can be pre-assembled: e.g. relays, connectors, diodes, switches and LEDs
  • Required equipment markings and any texts and symbols can be printed accurately on the PCBs free of charge, thus doing away with the need for lots of small labels
  • Any system can be used, from decentralised control of individual components to centralised train control

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