Automated Measurement

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Is spectroscopy possible in automated processes?

It is for m-u-t. With our decades of experience in spectroscopic sensor technology, we provide you with solutions that allow you to integrate manual or external laboratory analysis into your equipment.

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In order to meet the criteria for automated measurement, we take
the following into account when implementing our systems:
1. Sample feeding and sample handling

Whether the sample needs to be fed to the sensor system or vice versa, our mechatronic solutions enable either procedure to be automated.

2. Measuring method

Whether UV/VIS, NIR, RAMAN, LIBS spectroscopy or other methods, we check:

  • which measurement method is the right one to achieve the effect required
  • whether the measurement method is suitable for the usage intended
3. Sensors for the measuring method

Which spectroscopic sensors fit your measurement methodology? We'll procure the optimal solution from the extensive Nynomic portfolio.

4. Data handling

How do you obtain the necessary target data from the data available? We'll create the algorithm for this task and integrate it into the measurement hardware. 

5. Data transfer to interface

The measurement hardware delivers the required target data to the automated surrounding system via defined interfaces and interface protocols – e.g. via Modbus or RS485. We create these interfaces in accordance with your needs.

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