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De-cappers and re-cappers

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Tube suction with tried-and-tested de-capper

If you need to have caps suctioned at high speed and with high force, our de-capper has proven its worth for many years in numerous large laboratories worldwide. The risk of cross-contamination is low.

Our de-cappers and re-cappers can be adapted to suit your product.

Sealing open tubes

To seal open tubes before storage, we have developed two concepts:

  1. With a combination of de-capper and re-capper, the sample container can be resealed with the original cap straight after pipetting.
  2. Alternatively, a balloon capper can reseal the tube with a hollow stopper safely and at low cost.

For laboratory automation, do you need a precise solution for removing and closing caps?

m-u-t supports you in this area with more than 20 years of experience. Use our modern decappers and recappers for both safe and fast operations.

For further questions or information, please call us at any time or send us an email.

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