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Gripper systems – handling of blood sample tubes

Our gripper systems can help you set up and place blood sample tubes accurately. We provide you with durable precision solutions for laboratory automation, developed and manufactured in accordance with your specifications.

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TPU for placing

With our tube placing unit (TPU), blood sample tubes can be placed accurately in racks, pucks or cars. For this purpose it is equipped with a Z-axis and rotary movement. It grips the tubes straight so that the bottom of the tube finds the opening of the rack. The integrated barcode scanner enables placement with the barcode aligned. In order not to obstruct the measurement of barcode, fill level or HIL status, the TPU grips the tube high up.

TRU for raising

Our TRU (tube raising unit) lifts blood sample tubes from a horizontal to a vertical position with the cap facing upwards. It doesn't matter whether the tube is placed with the cap on the left or on the right side under the gripper. The TRU can then transfer the upright tube to a second gripper (such as the TPU) or place it directly in a puck, rack or car using integrated Z-axis movement. Our gripper systems can be flexibly adapted to your product.

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