Tailored customer solutions

Bulk sorting - perfected

We are a full service supplier of pre-and post-analytical systems

High-speed decapper and recapper from the experts

OEM solutions in laboratory automation - pre and post analytics

m-u-t has many years of experience in laboratory automation. We develop and manufacture a wide range of customised solutions for our OEM customers to make them successful in their market. We have great experience and longterm realtionships with our Partners. We can offer a wide range of solutions in pre and post analystics. High reliability and highspeed processes are essential for our customers. We make medical diagnostics more effective and efficient to make you able to give your patients the right therapy fast.


Our development and our serial production work as the entire organization effectively, to our established quality system that is certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001,- and is regularly audited. Our production site at Wedel in Germany is particularly fast, cost-effective and of the highest quality, thanks to the modern methods of LEAN and SIX-SIGMA.