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The high voltage modules (HV-modules) made by m-u-t are designed for driving Avalanche photodiodes, photomultipliers, laserdiodes, piezo actors and similar products, which require operating voltages up to 3 kV.


High precision Output voltage control

Depending on the selected high voltage modules (HV-module), the output voltage can be adjusted from 50 V to 3 kV (either positive or negative). With the short circuit resistant output voltage monitor, the output voltage can be controlled within limits of ± 0.1%. This high stability of the output voltage ensures precise operation of the connected devices. 


Short Circuit resistant output current

The output current is limited to 0.2 mA or 1mA. To protect the high voltage module (HV-module) and the electronic unit against short circuits, the output current is limited to 103% specified max current for all high voltage modules (HV-modules).



  • Slim design
  • Precise output voltage
  • Short circuit protected
  • Output voltage monitor
  • Logical on/off switch
  • Optional temperature compensation


HV High Voltage Module: for Technical specifications klick here

Hochspannungsmodule (HV-Module)