Customized OEM Multigas NDIR Sensors for your Application

For us, each OEM customer and each application is unique. Our OEM customers expect optimal, precise, reliable and cost-effective solutions for measuring gases and other parameters. At the same time overall conditions, requirements and goals are highly individual and varying. 

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Optimally tailored gas sensors

m-u-t offers optimally customized gas sensors for applications where existing catalog products are not sufficient. Furthermore, we provide support during the entire product life cycle.

Adaptable Technology Platforms

Our technologies are combined in customer-specific complete solutions. In many cases, we build on existing components of our technological platforms and by adapting them to individual requirements, we achieve the desired solutions quickly and at low cost. In addition, optimized solutions for specific requirements are also possible, for example, by developing own housings with specially shaped sample chambers and sensor arrangements, or customer-specific interfaces. Thus, we can offer very compact and customized multigas analyzers at attractive costs.

Efficient infrared light sources, gas measuring cells with infrared optical beam path, detectors and electronics: All components in one compact housing - for your individual product.

Our physicists and engineers are experts in innovative and complex technological applications, including the handling of hazardous gases, and are highly experienced in the development of customized single and multigas sensors. Each solution includes measurement technology and seamless integration into your personal OEM project.

Experience and Projects

Our proven experience in a variety of applications is the key to success for our high-performance gas sensors. As shown in the list below, m-u-t offers many measurable parameters. The list also indicates what can be easily implemented based on existing technologies.

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Excerpt: Detectable NDIR gases (more on request)

FormulaNameMeasurement range endLimit of detection
COcarbon monoxide500…10.000 ppm1…10 ppm
CO2carbon dioxide500 …10.000 ppm1…10 ppm
CH4 methane1.000…5.000 ppm5…25 ppm
C2H2 acetylene500…5.000 ppm2…10 ppm
C2H4 ethylene500…5.000 ppm2…10 ppm
C2H6 ethane / R170500…5.000 ppm2…10 ppm
C3H8propane / R290500…5.000 ppm2…10 ppm
C4H10n-butane / R600500…2.500 ppm2…10 ppm
H2OhumidityMax. 100g/m³ / dewpoint 55°C 

These sensors contain the know-how of numerous customer-specific gas sensor developments and can be easily and cost-effectively adapted to new applications. Thus, individual, very powerful detectors are available for almost any budget. Your individual OEM sensor will be developed and manufactured by m-u-t - based on your specific requirements.

Integration into your Application

You need a sensor that fits seamlessly into your application? The interfaces are part of the detector supplied by m-u-t and will be implemented according to your specifications. For the integration into the application, the interfaces RS232 and RS422 are standard. Others, such as USB, Ethernet or CAN, WLAN, Bluetooth and GSM can be added within the scope of customer-specific developments.

Procurement, Production, Support and Quality

m-u-t is well prepared for optimal product and life cycle support even after the development phase. We can produce and deliver your sensors in series and support you with competent service and an optimal spare parts supply. We purchase the necessary individual parts for your gas sensors from well-selected and quality-monitored suppliers. The sensors are assembled, commissioned, calibrated, tested and documented by our trained employees using quality-monitored production processes and tools. It is our responsibility to ensure the constant availability and high, consistent quality of all components. Possible obsolescence is recognized early on and alternative solutions are developed for you.

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