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NIR/NIRS - what is that actually?

Near-infrared spectroscopy (short: NIR/NIRS) describes a physical-optical analysis method, which is based on spectroscopy in the range of short-wave infrared light.

The process has been used in various areas for many years. Such as in agriculture when analyzing liquid manure. For this purpose, the medium (slurry) is irradiated with near-infrared light - the human eye cannot perceive this. Which ingredients can NIRS now detect? It depends on the substance being examined. The strength of the NIRS technique lies particularly in the measurement of dry matter. But NIRS can do even more. When analyzing rations, NIRS not only determines the dry matter (TM), but also starch (XS), raw protein (XP), raw fat (XL), raw sugar (XZ) and raw ash (XA) and much more.

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